Monday, October 7, 2013

My Toof Hurts

So, every year around September, I have to make sure Mommy and Daddy love me. I do that by getting sick and then they have to prove their love, monetarily. And by that I mean spend hundreds of dollars on vet bills.  For the last month I have had a bit of a face "issue".  A bulge under my left eye.  Mommy and Daddy thought maybe it was allergies, but they were wrong!! They took  me to the vet and found out I have a tooth abscess.  It hurts. If you look close at my selfie, you can see the bulbous tooth under my eye. 

So today... I get to go to the vet and they are gonna pull my tooth.  Mommy is very nervous 'cause she says I have to "go under" and that is scary.  But that is dumb, I LOVE to go under... under the blankets, under the pillows, under the bed... under is good.  jeez.  

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