Sunday, June 12, 2011

I found a ball!

When/Where: Central Park on "my hill", my favorite place in the park.
My Mood: Happy, happy, dig, dig, run, run, happy!

I FOUND A BALL IN THE PARK, OMG, OMG!  My mommy let me play with the abandoned ball and I carried it around and chased it and played with it and chewed it, it was AMAZING!

Riverside Park....

When/Where: In Riverside Park with Mommies last week
My Mood: Happy about spring!

You can't see them, but to my left are some beautiful flowers.  In fact I am standing on a bench that was where they filmed the movie You've Got Mail.  Really!  I am!  At the end, when they are in front of flowers and there is a poocher?  That's the part....

It is spring and we love to walk in the park.  We usually walk in Central Park, but we had to go to the Petco tonight, so Riverside park is closer, so we went there instead.  It is great.